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Hagi-yaki Ring


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Hagi-yaki Ring


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The Hagi-yaki ring brings a touch of tradition to your everyday life.

Hagi-yaki, one of the most highly praised potteries from Yamaguchi Prefecture has 
a characteristic subdued color scheme and its tea wares create a perfect contrast against the bright green color of matcha. 
Another characteristic of Hagi-yaki is the glaze - the beige glaze on the clay shrinks faster than the clay in the kiln, 
creating fine lines and cracks called kan-nyuu on the surface. 

With time and use, the glaze gets darker and the tea residues get absorbed 
through those cracks, making each Hagi-yaki piece truly unique and original.
This transformation of Hagi-yaki over time is called "Shichi Henge (seven transformations)".
The ring is all handmade. It'll make a perfect gift for your loved ones.

■Size: 【Ring Size】 11-13 (6-7 in U.S. size)【Hagi-yaki】approx. L5-10mm x W5-10mm x H2-5mm (Size varies)
■Material: Hagi-yaki (Pottery), 18K Gold-Plated Ring
■Place of Origin【Hagi-yaki】: Mine City, Yamaguchi 
■Manufactured in Kanagawa 
■Manufacturer: 884 & Co., Ltd.
■Weight (g) (Product Only): 3
■Weight (g) (Including Packaging): 25
・Due to the material's natural variations and handmade process, shape/size may vary.
・The ring comes in 4 colors but they can be subjective and not one item is exactly the same in color. 
・Do not apply strong pressure on the ring, some parts are fragile. 
・Keep the ring away from water. 
・18K gold-plated metal is used on the ring, wear the ring at your own risk. 
   If you have allergic reactions, discontinue wearing the ring and consult with a doctor. 
■Important Note: 
・Pictures shown are illustrative purposes only. The actual items vary in color/size/shape.
・The item will be packaged in a wooden pattern box and once they run out, it'll come in a white box.

Item No. V05878999028

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