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Tenugui - Hinamatsuri Dolls

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Tenugui - Hinamatsuri Dolls


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Representing the tradition of Hinamatsuri, cute Hina dolls on the seven-step alter
are dyed with various colors. You can almost hear them sing and talk!

It'll be a great way to celebrate Hinamatsuri by displaying it on the wall
as a tapestry.

This Tenugui is dyed using a traditional method called "Chu-sen".
With Chu-sen, the liquid dyes are poured onto the cloth by hand,
making it possible to create beautiful patterns and designs.

The poured dyes thoroughly permeate the cloth resulting in patterns 
dyed on both sides and the tenugui's characteristic high permeability
along with high elasticity are achieved.

■Size: approx. H90 cm x W33 cm
■Material: 100% Cotton

■Made in Nara
■Brand: Wafuka
■Manufacturer: PRAIRIEDOG CO., LTD
■Weight (g) (product only): 29
■Weight (g) (incl. Packaging): 31
・The colors may fade when you use/wash the first couple of times.
・If the cloth snags, cut the excess snags off with scissors. 
・Do not leave the tenugui damp. 

Item No. V05320999028
Jan: 4543479107420

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Tenugui - Hinamatsuri Dolls 4

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